Random #Biohacks Inspired by Others

I just got accepted into the Master’s Exercise Program at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN.  So I feel that it would be appropriate to release a somewhat random, and incomplete blog post that I have worked on the last couple days, maybe Ill go back and complete this blog post at a different time, maybe not.  My co-workers at the Mayo Clinic and my desire to prevent some of the terrible diseases that I see on a daily basis have inspired me to not just care about the shape that I’m in (which I have been obsessed with for years) but to inspire and hopefully help others become more “Superhuman.”  Speaking of Superhuman, I get to see Ben Greenfield at Concordia University next Tuesday June 10th present; Ben has helped me with my own diet, fitness, recovery, and overall health with his books, podcast, and articles.  If I can help one person make positive health care decisions, prevent an injury, enhance performance, or just have better health in any way than I have succeeded.  I am always pursuing lifelong learning and although this article is now even more random due to my rant I give you my incomplete list of some things #Biohacks that I love……..

    • Intermittent Fasting– Yes I skip breakfast…. I typically stop eating at 8pm and don’t eat until after 10am….I use (MCT Oil) for mental performance and still have coffee in the morning…..(Benefits of Intermittent Fasting)
      • On days I have Two-A-Day Workouts (Days off of work) Ill have my coffee, MCT Oil AND a protein shake (minus the carb sources), some (BCAAs), or recently I’ve been using Ben Greenfield’s “Skinny Fat Shake
    • Supplements I take:
      • Protein Powder- make sure it is a good source without added preservatives, soy, sugars, sugar alcohols (If it has ingredients in it that you don’t know about, don’t get it)
      • Vitamin D3
      • Glucosamine
      • Gelatin
      • Melatonin
      • BCAAs- on days I do Two-A-Days
      • Creatinine- muscle energy (ATP) and mental clearance (Read Beyond Training)
      • Bitter Melon Extract- If I eat unneeded carbs and/or sugars


  • Eat Fat


      • Perfect Health Diet (PHD) recommends a diet ratio of 65% Fat, 20% Carb, 15% Protein)
        • When I kept track I got my calories from (50% Fat, 25% Protein, 25% Carb), which is beneficial to someone who exercises at times to a fault
      • There are bad fats: trans fat, vegetable oils, etc.  that I avoid
      • I don’t count nutrients or calories except a week or two a year, but try to get the majority of my nutrients from good fat sources (coconut, avocado, fermented dairy, olive oil, raw nuts, fish, clean meat sources, etc.)


  • It is not how much you eat, but what you eat


      • Not every Calorie is created equal (The Calorie Myth)
        • Nutrient Density vs. Calories
        • 100 calories of Chia Seeds is better than a handful of Typical Potato Chips
      • I don’t count calories, I just watch what I eat


  • Eat Real Whole Foods


      • Rarely do I eat out of a box or package (unless there are very few and good ingredients like a larabar for example)- take a look at some of the packaged foods in your pantry and see how many ingredients you actually know
      • Make Your Own Dressings- Have you ever seen the ingredient lists on your ……….brand dressings- I think I’ve made my point………
        • Your dressings should have a healthy fat and/or vinegar (which lowers blood sugar), and some spices


  • I do eat some grains (therefore I am not Paleo)


      • They must be prepared properly because……(link) or (link2)…nuts, seeds, and grains have acids and enzymes in their coating making them hard on the GI tract to digest properly leading to possible “leaking gut” and inflammation all over the body
      • Don’t need very many grains or any on days with minimal or no exercise (just excess carbs on those days)
      • I usually have a ½ cup of oatmeal soaking in a Mason Jar in my fridge in Vinegar Water
        • When I want a bowl of my famous Almond Butter/Chia Seed/Oatmeal, I just rinse all the vinegar out of the oats, soak with the chia seeds until the chia seeds soften (sometimes overnight again) and then add almond butter and heat it up until it swells….add stevia to sweeten and coconut milk to get the consistency you want
          • Don’t make it a soup like mom and dad used to do
    • MarcPro
      • increases blood flow to the trained muscle area
      • increases lymphatic (waste flow) away from trained muscle
      • therefore decreases recovery time!!


  • Blue-Ray Reducing Glasses


  • Chia seeds: I put them in my protein shakes, oatmeal, yogurt, hot drinks….why? because it swells, it reduces blood sugar, a complete protein, can sustain an Aztec warrior for 24 hours #Superfood…..Don’t believe me Ben Greenfield says in a recent article……
    • “Chia seeds have a long history as an endurance fuel. Ancient Aztec tradition held that an ounce of chia seeds could sustain a warrior for 24 hours. Today, chia is considered a superfood because it has more Omega-3’s than any other crop in the world, it has more antioxidants than blueberries, it is a complete protein, providing you with all 9 Essential Amino Acids (important for preventing muscle breakdown when exercising longer than 2 hours), and it has 25% soluble fiber. A chia seed can absorb 9-12x its bodyweight in water – and this helps regulate absorption, which can prevent sugar spikes and crashes. So despite the issue with having to pick it out of your teeth, I’m a fan of chia.”

This Article is to be continued and hopefully better organized……


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