My Superhuman Day Off

My #Superhuman Day Off

So I haven’t blogged in forever…..  I’ve really wanted to start a website about Diet, Fitness, and Health in General, but that has been put on hold.  Recently I have applied to go back to school part-time in order to get an Exercise Science Masters to do something in Sports Medicine which is something I am very passionate about.  I suppose it makes sense to get a degree in something that I spend a great deal of time doing between: exercising 8-12 hours a week, walking another 15-25 miles a week at work, cooking new (and some classic) foods that are both healthy and tasty, and in the last year really working on another aspect: RECOVERY.  Recovery has many aspects including: sleeping well, managing stressors, eating well(previously mentioned), and much much more.

I have been listening to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast for over a year and utilized many of his diet, fitness, and other #biohack techniques.  Ben and Broc’s Podcast has inspired me to do many things as an endurance athlete so I can thrive as an endurance athlete and in life.  I have been hacking (no pun intended) through Ben’s great new book Beyond Training, continue to listen to his podcasts, and utilize Ben’s resources (which are getting spending by the way) #MarcPro #AmazonPrime……I am excited to listen to one of Ben’s presentations in June at Concordia University in St. Paul, where I applied for the Exercise Science Master’s Program.  In honor of Ben’s Superhuman way of life I thought I’d show you what a Superhuman approved day may look like……


0600- Wake up and have a cup of French Press (Freshly Ground) Coffee

0615- Marc Pro Electrodes on my Quads/Hammies while sipping Coffee and checking Email while listening to the new episode of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast #284

  • This episode talked about IT Band Syndrome which I have battled this spring
  • After Biking and Doing a Track Sprint Workout yesterday, it was fitting to be listening to this podcast with my Marc Pro Unit

0700- 30min Yoga Routine (Vinyasa Morning Flow Yoga ) (Fasted)

  • Also had a 20 ounces of water with 5 grams of Creatine (Brain Clarity and Strength see Ben’s Book)

0745- Breakfast- The “Skinny Fat Shake”- I saved a little of my French Press from 0600

  • I usually Fast until 10 or 11am on days that I work

0830-1130- Fishing with Dad for a couple hours

  • It is Dad’s birthday Sunday and I work 2- 12 hour shifts this weekend so I wanted to do something he loves.  I did fish with my shirt off and got some natural Vitamin D

1200- Lunch at a local Deli called City Market in Rochester, MN

  • I had a Turkey Breast Sandwich on Ben Greenfield’s Favorite acceptable bread SOURDOUGH w/ red peppers, leaf lettuce, red onion, and fresh tomato w/ many glasses of water to rehydrate post-fishing

1400- Workout- included 15min of easy cardio on the elliptical (after a high intensity cardio day yesterday) 30min of lifting consisting of 2-SuperSets w/ Dumbbells

  • 5×5 DB Bench w/ 5×15 R. Crunch w/ 5×5 Pull-Ups
  • 5×8 DB OH Press w/ 5x8e DB Row

1500- Post Workout 5min Cold Shower and Quest Bar

1600- Healthy Grocery Shopping- (Real Whole Foods w/ no added sugars)

1700- Carrots dipped in freshly homemade Guacamole

  • Also rinsed off my oats that sat overnight in vinegar (proper grain preparation) and added some Chia Seeds w/ the oats so I can make my famous Almond Butter-Chia Seed-Oatmeal tomorrow after a long day at work- (proper grain prep)

1800- Sitting here now writing this about to Thai it up with a Swai/Miracle Noodle/Red Curry/Vegetable Stir Fry and maybe enjoy one or two Vodka Stevia Water’s with a fresh slice of lemon and lime


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