Typical Work Day of Eating

Typical Work Day of Eating

  • Utilize Intermittent Fasting in the Morning
    • use daily intermittent fasting to burn fat as energy in the mornings and MCT oil to promote adequate brain functioning and mental clearness during my fast at work
  • Follow a low grain, high healthy fat diet (Primal Lifestyle)- My Rules to Eating Right
  • I try to eat real whole foods (on work days typically have 1 nutrition bar as only packaged food)
  • On Work Days ½ to ⅔ of my calories and food come after I workout in the afternoon including the majority of my carbs, because muscles utilize the nutrients immediately instead of converting them to fat


Typical 8-Hour Work Day Eating Schedule 

0530- Tsp of MCT Oil and Vit. D3

0630-Cup of Coffee (Black)

0900-1000- 2nd Cup of Coffee (Black)

1100-Quest Bar, Simply Perfect Bar, or Larabar (Homemade)

1200-1430- Lunch- A Few Different Options for my common workday lunches

  • Salad- Salad bar is a safe way to know what is in your food at work cafeteria if you make your own dressing-2 examples below
    • Italian- Mixed Greens, Chicken, Homemade Italian Dressing, and Other Veggies that look good that day
    • Mexican- Mixed Greens, Sauteed Fajita Chicken/Onions/Peppers, other veggies, and guacamole w/ salsa as the dressing
      • Make Your Own Dressing!!! (Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Spices, etc.)
  • Ben’s Pumpkin- (Canned Pumpkin, Stevia, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, and Coconut Milk)
  • Ben’s Almond Butter Chia Oatmeal- (Soaked Oats and Chia Seeds, Almond Butter, Stevia, and a small amount of almond milk to mix yet maintain a nice thickness)
  • Greek Yogurt Oatmeal (Link)
    • I commonly replace the oatmeal with additional chia seeds or almonds as a more “Paleo Approach”, although the oatmeal and yogurt are fermented grains/dairy if they are allowed to age making them easier to digest which is the negative of soy/dairy/grains.  Link to proper preparation of grains
  • Typically have celery, broccoli, and/or carrots dipped in Guacamole or Salsa as an addition to my Pumpkin, Oatmeal, or Greek Yogurt Mixes

1530-1600- Pre-Workout Snack- Apple or Orange (if lunch was a little early or I will skip pre-workout snack if lunch was late)

1700-1800- Post-Workout Shake

  • Base of Shake: ½ Scoop of Aro Whey Isolate, 8oz. of almond milk, Cup of Frozen Fruit (Banana, Various Berries, Mango, Pumpkin, or Tropical Fruit Mixture), and Tbsp of Chia Seeds

1800-1900- Supper

  • Favorites:
    • Large Salads w/ Wild-Caught Fish, Chicken, or a local Red Meat source Homemade Dressing and Lots of Veggies
    • Stir Fry (Curry, Italian, and more)
    • Over Easy Eggs on Top of Sauteed Kale or Spinach w/ Sirachi
    • Omelets
    • Recipe Links to Come 

1900-2000-Night Time Snacks after Supper (Before 8pm ideally)

  • Pistachios or Almonds
  • Small Chunk of Dark Chocolate typically 85%
  • Kale Chips- Homemade
  • Seaweed Chips (Trader Joe’s or Costco Brand)

2000-2100-Chamomile Tea sweetened with Stevia and Almond milk (last thing before bed typically)- also take Melatonin and Magnesium Supplement Before Bed


As a nurse I work 8-hour day and evening shifts during the week.  I also work quite a few weekends that include 12-hour 7a-7p shifts and vice versa 12-hour 7p-7a shifts.  The majority of my shifts are 8-hour day shifts and there are challenges to diet with changing of shifts, but I always try to encourage real food.  I made 3 ingredient homemade larabars today(dates, cashews, and unsweetened coconut) for a quick snack on the go!


Future Posts I’m working on:

  • What I do for Recovery
  • Recipes (once I get my new smartphone)- so I can have pictures with the recipes


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