Rules to Eating Right

Quick Points: 

  1. Eat Real Whole Food
  2. Eat Healthy Natural Fats
  3. Minimize Grains, Soy, Sugar, and Dairy
  4. Intermittent Fasting
  5. Eat to Workout, Not Workout to Eat
  6. Minimize Caffeine and Alcohol
  7. Strategies to Help
  8. Read/Listen/Learn About Things That Can Help Improve Your Nutrition Knowledge

Background:  As a person who is addicted to working out, I have learned over the years that diet is more important than working out to your physical health. Here are some of my rules to eating.  (FYI I am not Paleo, I eat primal which is a less strict way of eating in comparison to Paleo, but encourages similar beliefs and whole foods).

  • I can personally attest to this lifestyle of eating by doing it myself and continually educating myself through evidence based practice articles, books, and podcasts (podcasts are a great thing to listen to while exercising or doing household tasks)
  • Please Click on my links in this article, they are my favorite resources towards eating better, which can help you feel better physically leading to improvement in your overall health (Mental and Spiritual Health as well!!!)
  • Eating Healthy should be a lifestyle, not a short term diet or fad, for the optimal benefits


  1. Eat Real Whole Food
    • Eat whole foods especially vegetables and good meat sources
    • If you are eating something with a large ingredient list and you don’t know what a bunch of those ingredients are it is likely it could be preservatives or added sugars
      • Take a random box out of your pantry and see how many of the ingredients you actually know
    • Prepare your own foods/snacks to prevent unnecessary things going into your body
    • Even Most Foods, like protein bars and powders, that have been deemed healthy by society have many added “things.”  It can be tough with a busy life, but eating whole real foods is probably the best rule to eat by
  2. Eat Healthy Natural Fats
    • We have been told throughout the years that fat is bad, NOT ALL FAT IS BAD, in fact the majority of your calories should come from the right kinds of fats
    • The Perfect Health Diet recommends over 50% of your diet coming from fat
    • Ben Greenfield’s Superhuman Food Pyramid is a great resource
    • I try to eat 50% of my calories from healthy fats which include:
      • Avacado, Almonds, Cashews, other Nuts, Grass Fed Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, Egg Yolks, Fermented Dairy, Good Meat Sources, and moderate amounts of nut butters
        • Remember Peanuts are a legume and aren’t Paleo; that said I eat an all natural Peanut Butter (Not Peanuts) because I love it and through the roasting process should have reduced Gastrointestinal Distress
  3. Minimize Grains, Soy, Sugar, and Dairy
    • A great way to start off eating healthier is completely eliminating soy, grains, and dairy for a couple weeks and then adding back minimal amounts of good sources one at a time to see what works for YOU
    • Moderate amounts of fermented grains, soy, and dairy are ok if your body tolerates them
      • Good Dairy Sources: Organic Eggs, Greek Yogurt (without all the added sugar), Cheese
      • Good Grain Sources: soaked grains (like soaking your oats for oatmeal overnight), sourdough bread (fermented)
        • Grains can be ok but they should be soaked or sprouted and here is how and here is why
    • avoid high amounts of sugar and be careful how added sugars are added to your food
  4. Intermittent Fasting
  5. Eat to Workout, Not Workout to Eat
    • Not every calorie is equal
      • new great book titled The Calorie Myth talks about what calories and nutrients really are
    • Many people workout so they can eat whatever they want after, but that is not how it works.  As I mentioned above DIET is more important than Exercise.  Even if you are an athlete, the fuels (FOOD) that you put in your body directly help with performance.
  6. Minimal Caffeine and Alcohol
    • I LOVE COFFEE, but I try to limit myself to 2 cups of coffee before noon (there are many benefits to black coffee just don’t add the syrups and sugar)
    • Remember that your source of coffee and alcohol matter as well
      • I get my coffee typically from the local Co-op or Trader Joe’s
      • A great source of decaf coffee (which is usually terrible tasting and ) is Caribou which is a much cleaner source of decaf
      • A great link for choice of alcohol is in this Bulletproof link 
  7. Strategies to Help
    • Prepare foods ahead of time like….
      • Crock Pot Chicken- I make 4 or so chicken breasts in the crockpot with a cup of water and my favorite spices.  I usually eat one chicken breast with a meal that night and then save the broth for a soup and dice up the chicken; saving it for salads and stir frys during the rest of the week
      • You can do this with other roasts and cuts of meat
    • Make it yourself:
      • I already mentioned it above, but if you make your own foods you know what is in it, especially if you use whole food sources
      • Make your own snacks: bars, fresh vegetables, trail mixes, Mason Jar Mixtures, and more!!!!
    • Celery (yes a tip called Celery!!!)- I dip celery into everything: nut butters, salsa, guacamole, hummus (not Paleo so I limit it), and other dips
      • Think about it this way; even if the dip is unhealthy (hopefully not) at least your not dipping chips (grains, preservatives, etc.) into the dip
        • My Favorite Foods and some Recipes- (Link to Come)
          • This is ongoing and am adding recipes and pictures as I have time
  8. Read/Listen to great resources to expand your knowledge (Here are some of my favorites)

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