Fat Burning Man w/ Denny Hemingson Review

Fat Burning Man Podcast w/ Denny Hemingson

Quick Points: 

  • Denny Hemingson, a member of the Tim McGraw Band
  • Lost 50 pounds switching to a Paleo-like diet(lifestyle)
  • Tim McGraw Band goes Primal
  • Intermittent Fasting and Fatty Coffee #Bulletproof
  • Melatonin and Deep-Breathing


Abel James interviewed Denny Hemingson, who is a member of Tim McGraw’s band.  Abel interviewed Denny because he wanted to interview an everyday person, (not an extreme fitness freak with a nutrition masters).  Denny is always on the road and is exposed to a variety of situations that make a healthy lifestyle difficult including: traveling, late night concerts, and more.  Denny talks about a cycle of gaining and losing weight over the past decade or so after running the NYC marathon that wore his body out.  Denny decided to make a lifestyle change after he started taking medication for high cholesterol and didn’t want to have to take pharmaceutical drugs.  Denny was told about the Paleo-lifestyle and Mark’s Daily Apple and over the last year has lost a great deal of weight switching onto a more Paleo-like lifestyle with some intermittent fasting.  Denny mentioned how it is easier to eat healthy at home where he keeps only healthy food and talks about learning how to eat healthier on the road.  Denny started doing Crossfit workouts by joining a gym, which he still utilizes while he is at home.  On the road he has to go a little more primal, by finding ways to workout whatever way possible.  He trains with Tim McGraw at times on the road, and told Abel that the band has thrown around tires in the parking lots prior to a concert to get a workout in (#Primal).  Abel mentions during the podcast that on one road-trip he keep a kettle-bell in his backseat just to get some workouts in.  Denny sometimes uses melatonin to help with sleep on the road and tries to get sleep when he can by various ways including “sneaking in naps”.  Denny talks about using intermittent fasting and fatty coffee; he said that he now (after adapting to the fasting lifestyle) doesn’t really feel hungry.  Denny questioned Abel about “Not getting enough” nutrients in regards to intermittent fasting and potentially muscle-wasting.  Abel responded by saying that it may be necessary to decrease the fasting window if muscle-wasting occurs.  Near the end of the podcast Denny and Abel talk about utilizing deep-breathing to reduce anxiety and relax as another important aspect of helping out with Denny’s busy life.

Personal Experience & Thoughts:

I love how Abel interviews a normal everyday person because that is what the majority of people who listen to his podcast are.  I would like to think that as a former collegiate athlete and healthcare worker that I am more than an everyday person, but that is just wrong.  I am just an everyday Type A Registered Nurse who loves to workout, eat healthy, and improve my overall health.  In terms of people who struggle with fluctuating weight, Denny has struggled with that over the years as many dieters do.  Denny and Abel talk about the need to make a LIFESTYLE change; just yesterday I had a co-worker tell me about a 500 calorie diet that his wife was starting on.  Diets are great at helping people lose weight, but unless it is sustainable and a lifestyle change the weight or whatever the change you are trying to make it won’t stick.  The great thing about Paleo is that it has allowed me to virtually eat as much as I want in terms of vegetables along with eating good amounts of healthy fats (nuts, avacado, etc.), fruits, and proteins (I rarely feel hungry even with intermittent fasting!).  In regards to intermittent fasting, I like how Abel talks about minimizing the length of fasts if muscle wasting occurs.  In my case, after the adaptation phase of intermittent fasting, it was so easy to burn fat for energy and I was able to fast daily.  However, I was losing lean mass and losing some strength due to the fact that I am very active as a nurse and exercising daily at a fairly high intensity.  I won’t go into too much detail, but encourage you to read my post on intermittent fasting and over-training that go into my experience more with these two areas.  My favorite part of the whole podcast was when Denny and Abel talk about the Tim McGraw band going primal (Tires in the parking lot and kettlebell in the trunk on the road).  I love how they fit in a workout anyway possible and have some fun with it.  When I am on the road I usually go for long slow paced runs and do some stretching to utilize the vacation as a break from high intensity exercise as well, while still staying active and avoiding “a heavy feeling” that commonly occurs with travel.  Running is also a great way to see the scenery of the various areas one travels to.  I also have been doing more “primal” workouts lately and loving it; by: utilizing my TRX bands at a local elementary school playground, plyometrics, outside pull-up bars, and just being outside in general getting that natural Vitamin D!  In terms of sleep with this podcast I also use melatonin and try to utilize deep breathing to reduce stress prior to bed and with stressful situations (I am planning on coming out with a sleep/relaxation post soon and am monitoring my sleep closely now).  In summary, I love and utilize the topics that were covered in this podcast and enjoyed the interview with an “everyday man.”  Abel, want to interview a male nurse that used to try to play some football in college?





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