Abel James Interview with John Durant

Abel James Interview with John Durant

Better Eating and Better Sleep  

Quick Points:

  • Not a Diet, It’s a lifestyle
  • A little full fat dairy and an occasional pizza!!!
  • You don’t have to eat in exact percentages
  • Circadian Rhythm- Get Good Sleep


John Durant mentions a bunch of things that I love when it comes to nutrition.  John wrote the book “The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health.”  A title John chose because he wants Paleo eating to be a lifestyle, not a diet.   Diets tend to be temporary and there is a great deal of research showing that people who do these “diets” do lose weight fast, but cannot maintain it and often gain back the weight and sometimes more.  He mentions early on in the podcast that he eats a little bit of full fat dairy and an occasional pizza.  Many strict people on a Paleo lifestyle believe in no deviation from the Paleo lifestyle.   John believes that it’s trivial when people say that you have to have “exactly” amounts of percentages from each nutritional category and no deviations for the Paleo lifestyle.   John also talks about the importance of good sleep and circadian rhythm.  It is important to avoid bright lights, keeping your body cool, and avoiding eating late at night to enhance good sleep.    

Personal Experience:

I have blogged before on the importance of making nutritional and exercise changes to your lifestyle, not just the short term.  John talks about how it can be even more dangerous than staying heavy to lose weight, then gain weight back, and so on in the vicious cycle.  The lifestyle changes, like eating Paleo, that I have made often are difficult and take time to adapt to, but become easier with time.  I believe it is better to make slow progress towards a goal than to have continuous ups and downs, even though some downs are to be expected.  An occasional “pizza or dairy product” is ok according to John in this podcast.  I agree with that statement because I have taken it too far before and avoided “cheat meals” all together and struggled with fatigue and muscle wasting.  However, be very careful with this because a “cheat” meal can turn into a cheat day, then days, and beyond.  I don’t recommend any cheat days in the first 21 days if you are just starting a new diet lifestyle.  In terms of sleep I struggled with some insomnia in college and will eventually do a separate post on things you can do to improve sleep and my experience.  I utilize some of the things John mentions in the podcast including: avoiding bright lights at night, dark drapes, avoiding food at least an hour before bed, and I bought an expensive bed that helps cool body temperature with the memory gel.  I also take 3mg of melatonin, magnesium, and sometimes have a “night-time” tea before bed of which I will talk about at a later post.  Remember what your long-term goals are and overall health are what we are working towards. 




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