Mind, Body, Spirit: The Health Blog of a Mayo Nurse

  • I am not telling you what to do
  • I’m just giving you information that others gave me (Self-Education) and what I’ve tried
  • I want you to think about your own health
  • I’m going to have posts/summaries after listening to podcasts or reading an article/book
  • Lifelong learning

I have grown to learn how important physical, psychological, and spiritual parts of each person directly relate to the overall wellness of each and every individual.  In my year that I have worked at the Mayo Clinic I have seen how people with terrible physical diseases, but positive psychological and spiritual health, continue to live in a state of wellness despite their struggles with cancer.   I also strongly believe (and studies show) that eating healthy and exercising can help prevent physical diseases as well as directly affect the psychological being of a person.  There are many studies that show how exercise and eating well improve stress levels and emotional health.  There are also studies that show a strong correlation of devoting time to spiritual enhancement to better physical health outcomes.  Every day that I work I see people that are dying and get inspired by those who continue to live their lives to the fullest.  That said I believe that it is important to do the most each one of us can to enhance the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our life.  I have started this site to describe ways that you can take your mental, spiritual, and mostly physical health to higher levels. Everyone’s genetic makeup, food tolerances, and way we were raised is different so whether you utilize my ways or other ways to enhance your overall health, I challenge you to find what works for YOU.  Go out and research; enhance your mental health by gaining knowledge, reduce stress, find what foods work for you, and exercise.  Physical health, mental health, and spiritual health are all connected, ENHANCE ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR HEALTH!!! 

I am a Registered Nurse at the Mayo Clinic and work on an Inpatient Oncology Unit.  I played college football and have worked directly with strength and conditioning coaches at the collegiate level as well as physical therapists and athletic trainers through the many bumps, bruises, and injuries that occur in football and training.  In terms of nutrition, I have taken many physiological classes and through experience along with self-education continue to enhance my knowledge.   I listen to several different podcasts (that I will link you to and blog about) as well as read several evidence-based articles and books.  I want to encourage you to be self-taught and learn everyday whether it is about health, fitness, or spirituality.  I hope I can inform you on ways to improve your health and find what works for you.     


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